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Tint Nashville is the #1 Leader in Car Automotive Window Tinting & Commercial Window Tinting for Business. We use only the highest quality Solar Window Film To ensure years of Crack & Peel Free Window Tint. We also Offer a Lifetime Warranty on All window tint we install, meaning never have to pay for window tint on the same car or business again, thats right, if anything ever peels or fades color, we will replace it free of charge for the life of the product. Tint Nashville stands behind all Tint jobs we do! "I was looking to have my new car Windows tinted and I didnt know where to take it, I did a Search on Google and found Tint Nashville. They Quoted me the best price, and they had a Tint Shop Right around the corner from me in Nashville, TN. I made the appointment and dropped off my Car and within 2 hours they called and told me my car was done. When I arrived I Was so excited I almost pee'd myself. My Cars Windows looked awesome and the Price was right. Thanks again Tint Nashville for getting me right and making me love my new Car". Tommy Dresden Nashville, TN

#1 Best place to Call if you want your Car Windows Tinted in Nashville! Tint Nashville! (615)403-5381 Call Sound Extreme Today!

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Tint Nashville is a Premier Car & Commercial Window Tint Shop located throughout Middle Tennessee and Nashville TN. We have a Tint Shop Near You Call Today to set up an appointment to have your new car windows tinted to make your car cooler in the hot summer heat and protect your interior against fading and cracking later down the road. Car Window Tint also helps protect against theft by making it harder for a theif to see inside to identify valuble goods he wants to steal. Protect your Car and make it cooler and look better with new window tint from Nashville Tint.

Tinting the car windows is quite a preferred way of taking care of one's car or to add more charm to it. However, it is quite difficult to find the right tinting shop that will have enough expertise and will take care of your tinting needs to provide you the best quality possible.

The first thing to do is to understand the benefits of tinting. May people think that tinting is just a way to make your car look better and a few tint their cars because it keeps the heat and the sun out, and many a times it happens that a tinting services that is used turns out to be substandard or is way costly than required and the car owner only comes to know of that after the tinting is done. This is where we come in with our team of skilled experts who have been providing expert car care to happy customers since years.

We don't just get into tinting your car the moment you say the word, we do a checkup, and we see the car for its size and make to understand the tinting requirements. A very simple reason is that a bigger car will need more tinting film to cover the windows and that increases the costs and for some cars the process of tinting is more complicated due to the make; we like to keep you informed of that before we begin.

Another important reason to get your car tinted is to protect what is inside the car. Tinted car windows don't just protect you from the harsh rays of the sun but also the interiors of the car, the upholstery mostly. Car lovers and people who care about their cars always put up great upholstery and tinting the windows is just another way to protect it from fading or cracking due to excess exposure to the heat.

Many car tinting services in Nashville also do not make their customers fully aware of the variety of the quality of tinting film. There is a huge difference in the different qualities that a car owner can opt for different types of qualities based on their need. If the car has high exposure to heat or has very costly and delicate upholstery then getting high quality tint film would be recommended and if the exposure to heat is not that much then a lesser quality can be used.

It is essential to remember that the costs for different qualities of tint film vary considerably and there is no benefit in getting a different quality when you don't need it. Our technicians try to first understand how you use your car, how old your upholstery is, when do you plan to change it, etc. and this information helps them suggest the best type of tint film for your car that will also suit your pocket. What's more, we understand that you would not want to let your car out of sight for a long time and that is why we also keep precut tinted film for the most common models so that your car can be tinted in no time at all.


Tint Nashville is Dedicated to giving you the best quality window tint and the best customer service to go along with the best prices in Nashville for all window tinting. We have been in the business of tinting widows for over 20 years and we will always be the best in Nashville for Tint Call today to set appointment.

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